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(Primus) : Frizzle Fry -> Frizzle Fry :
Hello all you boys and girls I'd like to take you to the inside world It's quite an irregular place to be But never fear you're safe with me Well, maybe Golden hair of macrame' Against the face that's cut from stone The white porcelain is screaming Ayee Thank God the the boy is not alone I don't believe in Santa Claus I don't belive in spite I have no use for beauty dolls Especially on this night I don't believe in miracles I don't belive in lies I don't belive in hologram For I am the Frizzle Fry Andy's painting green again, This time they might take him away When Barrington starts to breathe again It way just take us all away I don't believe in charity I don't believe in sin And if you don't believe in me, We'll play this tune over again I don't believe in pinochle And I don't beleive I'll try I do believe in Captain Crunch For I am the Frizzle Fry Yes I am the Frizzle Fry.


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(Author) Comments disabled, page is for viewing purposes only ;) (11/06 2011 - 00:29)
(Daniel) Ignore the smoke... (15/04 2011 - 11:04)
(Daniel) Hehe, jeg tror faktisk du har helt ret det bliver til for lidt wow :-) (26/03 2011 - 11:13)
(Bülow) Sq for meget hp og for lidt wow gamle ;) (24/03 2011 - 13:46)
(Daniel) Here be dragons.. wtf!? (06/03 2011 - 20:33)

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