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(The Knife) : Silent Shout -> Silent Shout :
I never knew this could happen to me I know now fragility I know there's people who I haven't told I know of people who are getting old Wish I could speak in just one sweep What you are and what you mean to me Instead I mumble randomly You stand by and enlighten me In a dream I lost my teeth again Calling me woman and half man Yes in a dream all my teeth fell out A cracked smile and a silent shout A cracked smile and a silent shout If I explain it once thoroughly He'll have you later 'cause it's never free You were at the gigantic spree I caught a glimpse now it haunts me I caught a glimpse now it haunts me


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(Author) Comments disabled, page is for viewing purposes only ;) (11/06 2011 - 00:29)
(Daniel) Ignore the smoke... (15/04 2011 - 11:04)
(Daniel) Hehe, jeg tror faktisk du har helt ret det bliver til for lidt wow :-) (26/03 2011 - 11:13)
(Bülow) Sq for meget hp og for lidt wow gamle ;) (24/03 2011 - 13:46)
(Daniel) Here be dragons.. wtf!? (06/03 2011 - 20:33)

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