Pirates of the burning sea

I am quite exicted by the new changes announced in I have spent quite some time playing this game which reminds me of the old Amiga game pirates. This is off course much more advanced and offers some decent game play. Unfortunately FLS has previously  refused do to something to the battle mechanics on the open sea. That is until now. FLS has implemented strengt calculation, which should prevent one from being jumped by 6 ships. This is great news for both new and old players.

Release Notes for Build

This milestone build features our holiday content for Christmas and another new ship – the Centurion 3rd Rate! This build also includes significant changes to Open Sea engagement mechanics, penalties for directly trading with opposing nations, removal of the blind auction system, and making character transfers between our live servers available through Treasure Aisle. Also included in this build are new Kilts and Tams for avatars, new ship outfittings, changes to bonus books and the ability to purchase active nation resets.

Release Notes for build are here.

Differences between and include but aren’t limited to:

Treasure Aisle:

  • Non-consumable clickable mission rewards have been added to Treasure Aisle for characters that have unlocked them by completing the affiliated mission.
  • A Halfway Pack has been added alongside the Starter Pack for levels 25 and up.
  • A new recipe book “Pages from a Bosun’s Journal” can be found in Treasure Aisle. The recipe book allows for the creation of: Tight-Braced Cross Catharpins, Hammock Netting, and Well-Ordered Pinrails.
  • A Server Transfer Request token added to “Account” tab, with a special price in the Captain’s Club tab.
  • An Active Nation Reset Request token added to “Account” tab, with a special price in the Captain’s Club tab.
  • New 1-hour and 6-hour bonus books have been added to “Consumables” tab. The 6-hour books are replacing the 8-hour books. All bonus books have received price adjustments.
  • A new “All New” category has been added in each tab to easily find the newest items in each category.
  • A new “Festive Loyal Dog” has been added to the “Pets” tab. (We couldn’t find a reindeer, so we made one instead.)
  • A Holly-Day hat accent is unlocked in Treasure Aisle by completing the seasonal mission “A Penny to Bury the Wren.”
  • Captain’s Club now contains older seasonal clothing in the Specially Priced section. Enjoy!
  • Tackle Box: Bahamas, Florida, Louisiana was still hidden from Captain’s Club members after being removed from the Specially Priced section. It is now back in the Angling section for all players.
  • Two new kilts and two new tams have been added to the Captain’s Club section of Treasure Aisle.

Ships and Outfittings:

  • The Centurion Third Rate has been added to the game. The recipe to create the Uncertified Deed will be purchasable in Treasure Aisle.
  • Insurance on the Centurion was lower than it should have been, and captured versions of it and the San Fernando were not flagged as Invalid for Pirates. This is fixed.
  • Boarding resistance for all ships has been returned to its previous value of 50% to correct boarding resistance issues.
  • Captured San Fernando deeds are now tradable, and they no longer pay out insurance.
  • The new outfitting rewards Careful Gun Crews and Ship’s Cat have been added to each national MoV Exchange Shop.


  • We’ve adjusted how the Hellhounds swords sit when sheathed so that they no longer have clipping issues.
  • The Halloween swords healing effects should no longer stomp other healing effects such as those in fighting school-specific skills.
  • The Bone Pole fishing pole should no longer suffer animation issues.
  • The Floral Calaca and Black & White Calaca face paints were swapped. This has been fixed.
  • The reward coat for completing “Yard Armor” wasn’t working with certain glove and coat combinations on male avatars. Fixed.


  • Added 2011 Holiday titles for A Penny to Bury the Wren mission and the gift exchange.
  • The mission “Black Flags or Dread Saints” wasn’t possible to complete, since none of the treasure spots generated any treasure. This is fixed.


  • The Blind Auction system has been turned off allowing players to see the lowest price for auction house items. While the lowest price is now visible the quantity of items at each price still remains hidden. The quantity accurately reflects the total number of units in a particular category regardless of pricing.
  • Players will now lose 300 player faction with their nation for each direct trade with any character from an opposing nation. Penalties for losing too much faction with a player’s nation may include some or all of the following: increased tax rates, loss of the ability to generate unrest, loss of ability to attend port battles, loss of ability to group, permanent PvP flagging, loss of ability to be a member of a society, and loss of chat channels.
  • OS engagement mechanics have been modified to use player level and ship level in new group strength calculations. Group strength comparisons for engagements now work both up and down and will only allow engagement if group strengths are within the allowable engagement ratio of 2:1. Once engaged both sides in the battle may reinforce within the allowable engagement ratio for 30 seconds after which only the weaker side may reinforce for 90 seconds up to a group strength value equal to the larger side.
  • Blockading now requires a group strength of 500. Patrolling now requires a group strength of 400.
  • The “B” hot key was dropping sails instead of going to battle sails. Fixed.
  • Fort Deeds were sometimes found on the Auction House. Since they are not useable by players, this should not have happened. Fixed.

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